CNE Awarded 2018 Golden HK Stock-the Most Valuable Public Utilities and Infrastructure Stock Company

On Jan. 16, 2019, Concord New Energy Group Limited (“CNE” or the “Company”) won the award of 2018 Golden HK Stock-the Most Valuable Public Utilities and Infrastructure Stock Company at the 2018 Golden HK Stock Annual Award Ceremony held in Shenzhen, China.

The selection event of 2018 Golden HK Stock listed companies was jointly organized by Zhitong Caijing and Tonghuashun Caijing, both the leading HK-US stock information provider, participated by Xueqiu Caijing and Yunfeng Financial Group, and fully supported by the Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong (CSAHK). Besides, this event also obtained exclusive data support from Guchacha, and strategy support from Eddid Securities and Huada Securities.
With corresponding weighted public voting in consideration, the final winner list was generated based on the score given by the selection expert committee in accordance with each company’s performance growth, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence, capital market performance and other performances over the past year.
The 2018 Golden HK Stock-the Most Valuable Public Utilities and Infrastructure Stock Company Award was designed to honor the public utilities and infrastructure companies with great development potential for their fast growth and high attraction to capital market in 2018. The awarding of this honor to the Company highlighted the fact that public utilities and infrastructure related industries have been drawing attentions of the industry and investors, which would in turn greatly encourage and motivate the Company for its self improvement.
The award ceremony attracted 180 excellent HK Stock companies from either traditional industry as energy, finance, automobile industrial manufacturing and others or emerging industry leading the economic transition of China as communications, chip manufacturing, internet, medical and pharmaceutical and others, of which over 90% were underlying HK stocks representing 50% of the total value of HK stocks. In addition, the event also attended by more than 200 financial institutions of bank, security, insurance, trust and assets management etc., as well as over 1,000 investors.
In 2018, the HKEX launched the most profound reform in its listing history and implemented 3 new policies including Same Share with Different Rights, aiming at attracting new economy companies to come to Hong Kong for listing, and as a result 208 new shocks were listed and a total amount of HKD 286.60 billion was raised to lead the global capital market. Meanwhile, this impressive result so achieved would also help in activating the Hong Kong capital market, rebuilding Hong Kong’s industrial entities and promoting national innovation.
China’s 2nd 40-Year Reform and Opening-up has kicked off in 2019. In order to achieve modernization transformation in the next 40 years, China will have to take new economy as the breakthrough, acquire the help and guidance from Hong Kong capital market, and make the business innovation its key pushing force. Since its first selection in 2016, the Golden HK Stock Annual Award Ceremony now has been held for the third time. Serving as the indicator reflecting the most valuable Hong Kong stocks with great growth potential, it not only responses the responsibilities of the time, but also becomes a grand meeting participated by Chinese business leaders for thoughts sharing.