CNE Awarded TOP10 Model of Storage Energy Application on the 3rd International Innovation Competition in 2019

The 8th ESIE2019 was held in National Convention Center in Beijing on 18th May, 2019. The award ceremony of the 3rd International Innovation Competition, sponsored by International Energy Storage Technology and Industry Alliance, and co-sponsored by Zhongguancun Energy Storage Technology and Industry Alliance, was held in National Convention Center in Beijing. The PV energy storage demonstration project of Shannan Naidong in Tibet, owned by CNE, awarded TOP10 model of storage energy application with the third place. The competition result was precisely reviewed by the specialists from electrical power system, scientific research institutions, energy storage enterprises and social organizations. It is not only owing to the highly recognition to CNE PV energy storage by the committee in terms of the prize, but also setting up an application example to echelon use of electric vehicles’ retired batteries, and accumulating precious experience for other similar PV energy storage projects.