CNE Operation & Maintenance Receives the Honorary Title of Advanced Group in Management Innovation of China

Between June 26th and 27th, “the 12th China Conference on Management Science” organized by China Academy of Management Science was held at Beijing Conference Center. Beijing Concord Operation and Maintenance Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. (CNE Operation & Maintenance), a subsidiary of CNE, was unanimously recognized by the experts and reviewers of the organizing committee due to its extraordinary performance and achievements in industry-university-research collaborative innovation and management principle innovation and finally received the honorary title of “Advanced Group in Management Innovation of China.” Mr. Ren Guangjin, Assistant to the President of CNE and General Manager of CNE Operation & Maintenance, received the honorary title of “Advanced Individual in Management Innovation of China.” At the conference, representatives from CNE Operation & Maintenance, guests and leaders and those outstanding enterprise representatives conducted in-depth communication and exchanges and discussed on the subjects like future enterprise development model and management innovation.


China Conference on Management Science, with the wide attention and support of the society, was first organized and held by China Academy of Management Science in 2008. As one of the most authoritative, influential and the largest events in China’s management science field, it shoulders the political mission of promoting China’s development of economic, social and management science in an orderly way and the historical mission of regularly organizing and promoting the exchanges and cooperation among the researchers, communicators and practitioners in this field. This conference, featuring the theme of “summarizing China’s splendid achievements in management science, promoting industry-university-research collaborative innovation and realizing high-quality development in the new era”, was attended by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and state leaders such as Zhang Baowen and Li Meng.