The Team of CNE Participated in L'Etape· Fuxian Lake Station of Chengjiang

On December 15, the final match of L'Etape started in Fuxian Lake, Chengjiang County, Yunnan. Liu Jianhong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Shang Li, Executive Director and CTO, Jiao Jiabin, Vice President, Ma Yingli from Finance Department and Wang Jiang from Administration Department participated in the competition.

It was the first time that L'Etape held in Southwest China. The track was set in the Scenic Area of Fuxian Lake, known as the "Plateau Maldives", with a total length of 115 kilometers. From the lowest altitude of 1416 meters to the highest altitude of 2123 meters and with a total altitude climb challenge of more than 2200 meters, the riders overcame altitude sickness and fought against climate change, experiencing a secret travel of “eyes in heaven, body in hell and soul on the road”.

Finally, Ma Yingli successfully finished the competition in 7 hours, 7 minutes and 46 seconds. The rest of the team went all out to do well, reflecting the sportsmanship of pursuing excellence and challenging the limit.