CNE aims to be a world class clean and renewable energy company, with the social mission of providing high quality clean energy and striving for the harmony developments between human and natural environment.


As the only listed company in the Hong Kong stock market with a vertically integrated business model for clean power generation, Concord New Energy Group focuses on its main business of power generation, while creating a diversified business portfolio of smart energy, professional operation and maintenance, consulting and design, and financing and leasing, providing high-quality and stable clean energy, as well as professional services and solutions to clients.

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Concord New Energy Group is dedicated to the principle of operating with integrity, adheres to high standards of business ethics, strictly complies with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the Group's code of ethical conduct and rules and regulations, adopts the policy of zero tolerance for corruption, and is committed to the basic principles of " taking a dual approach that combines prevention and punishment, with the emphasis on prevention" and "whistleblower protection and recusal of interested party" in its anti-fraud work; the Group carries out various forms of anti-corruption and anti-fraud training, promotes the corporate culture of "honesty and integrity" and creates an anti-fraud corporate environment; the Group also establishes a working style of integrity, diligence and dedication to earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients, business partners and shareholders.

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Concord New Energy Group actively builds a responsible supply chain management system, adopts responsible procurement policies, and follows fair, just, and open procurement principles. While setting itself as a good example of integrity management, the Group also promotes sustainability in supply chains by encouraging suppliers to fulfill their environmental and social responsibilities through cooperation mechanisms such as win-win partnerships and complementary advantages. The Group has generated policies for sustainable supply chains and measures for supplier management to review an array of factors, including suppliers' qualifications, EHS management capabilities, product quality, service awareness, corporate reputation, performance capability and legal risks, to ensure collaborative and sustainable development.

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